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CCVG offers a wide range of frame styles and colors. Collections include woman's fashion, men's styles, as well as uni-sex and Snuggy Bear children's frame line:

Clear Memory: Clear Memory frames are made of a titanium metal alloy, that has flexible temples and bridge. Added value features include spring hinge, three color choices and many styles are available in two eye sizes. There are a total of 23 separate styles to choose.

enerG: enerG is a frame line dedicated to men's fashion that is available in 12 individual styles with each style having three color choices. enerG franes are made of light weight Titanium with added value features include free case and cleaning cloth.

Passion: Passion is a high fashion woman's and uni-sex frame offered in 20 individual styles. 10 styles are made of light weight stainless steel combined with zyle temples, while an additional 10 styles are available in zyle temple and frame. Added value features spring hinges.

Snuggy Bear: Snuggy Bear is a children's frame line offering 10 individual styles that features 4 colors for each style. Snuggy Bear is made from stainless steel. Added value features include spring hinges and is included with a choice of blue or pink denim baseball cap with the unique embroidered Snuggy Bear logo.

Clear Passion: Clear Passion is a uni-sex frame in traditional styles offered in mutiple colors with 20 individual styles. Added value features include spring hinge.

Avant: Avant is a plastic frame available in 10 styles with multiple color choices. Avant frames are of high quality priced for the budget minded consumer.

360: 360 allows the temple to rotate 360 degrees without breaking or loosing it's shape. 360 is a totally unique frame made of stainless steel that is available in multiple colors with 10 individual styles.